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Your donations are greatly needed and appreciated. Your donations support the work of Hawai'i Pacific Parks Association.



Your donations support the mission of Hawai‘i Pacific Parks Association.

Since 1933, our small nonprofit has provided park store services and given more than $2.2 million to support Hawai‘i and American Samoa national parks'

endangered species programs, youth programs, cultural programs, educational programs, and to protect the ‘aina (land).

Your donations are greatly needed and appreciated so we may keep supporting the parks through our park store services and vital program donations.


'Uaʻu (Hawaiian Petrel)

ʻUa‘u spend most of their lives at sea, and only return to land to nest at upper elevations on Hawai‘i’s mountains.

ʻUaʻu make their nests in difficult and challenging terrain and only lay one egg. However, predators still try to find the burrows.

HPPA has supported ʻuaʻu nest burrow monitoring on Mauna Loa for many years and assisted with a recent fencing project.

Our funding helps with the cost of helicopter transportation and other staff support, enabling crews to work in these rocky, remote sites.


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